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Effective Microorganisms (EM) are biological inputs use in;

  • Agriculture as a folair fertilizers, soil inhancer
  • Livestock as a feed additive, disinfectant and peste control
  • Environment for odour elimination, cleaning, as a disinfectant in animal and poultry farms.


  Chickens fed with EM Bokashi and EM for Livestock in Batibo

Part of EM Cameroon Team at the head office with EMRO Expert

EM Technology is expanded in Cameron through the organisation of workshops, seminars and follow up programs to make sure, EM products are apply effectively.

You can get EM products, either from our head office, our branch offices and a host of distributors in Cameroon found under the name EM Official Distributors.

EM products are eco-friendly and very affordable as compared to other inputs for agriculture.

We have a team of experts in the domains of agriculture, livestock and environmental protection to offer training on the various modes of EM Applications on consultant bases both at our head office and branch offices in Cameroon.

Cocoa Nursery grown with EM Bokashi and EM for Agriculture in Kumba.

 EM products are not genetically modified having no negative effects on plants, human and the environment.

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