Our Clients and Partners


Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MINADER). Who have made a significant purchase of EM Compost and distributed to farmers of the entire ten Regions of Cameroon in 2014, 2015 and 2016 with a tremendous appraisals from the users. In view of the large quantities requested and bought by the government, EM Cameroon opened up a second EM Production Unit in Ngaoundere in 2015 to ease the means of transportation and to get the EM products available to clients at short notice upon request.


GP DERUDEP, in their process of increasing agricultural productivity in the Region, bought a significant quantity of EM Products and distributed to some farmers of North West Region in 2010. This did move a long way to make the activities of EM Cameroon known in the Region wherein EM Cameroon is today recognized as the major promoter and distributor of Organic inputs for Agricultural Production.


Non Governmental Organizations

EM Cameroon have been working in close partnership with a number of organizations both National and international NGO's to promote organic agriculture in Cameroon amongst whom are, The International Trade Center based in Geneva for the promotion of organic coffee production in Cameroon. GTz in Maroua wherein EM Cameroon sent staffs to train them on Compost Production.


Common Initiative Groups

Centre Polyvalent de Msouo based in the Western Region of Cameroon for the promotion and marketing of EM Products both for Agriculture and Livestock Production. Mr. Ngu George representing EM Cameroon in his Cooperative for the South West Region and a number of other CIG's denoted in many of the Regions in the entire Cameroon promoting organic agriculture using EM Technology for the past decade with very positive results.


EM Cameroon for the past three years have been working with EM Bio Concept Service Ltd in Nigerian for the promotion of Organic Agriculture wherein we are in the process of homogenization of EM activities in Nigeria with NAFDAC under the leadership of Mr. Muoegbunam Vincent. (email parawave@yahoo.com)
EM Cameroon is equally working in close collaboration with West EM Technology in Lome Togo for the promotion of organic Agriculture under the leadership of Mr. Foli Dodzi Folly. (email wemt.manag1@gmail.com)
These collaborations are closely supervised by EMRO Japan.

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