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Meet our team of men and women committed to our ever moving forward objective

Sama David Ngoh


Director of EM Cameroon and promoter of EM Technology in West Africa

Ndansack Relindise

Administrative Secretary

Administrative Secretary and Marketer at EM Head Office

Fortoh Bellarmine

Head of Marketing Department

Mbonifor Cheanka Alenwi

EM Cameroon Manager

Ngwa Clifford Afanwi

Head of Livestock Dept

Nfon Adonis

Head of Production

Bih Aquina

Legal Adviser

Sama Donarldson Chuya

Marketing Department

Hilda Bongmission

Marketing Department

Nutoto Godfred Awah


Technical and General Management Support. Former Delegate MINADER North West

Acha Vanecia

Intern from University of Bamenda

Achiri Ranibel

Intern from University of Bamenda

Mbah Vanecia

Intern from University of Bamenda