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You may order from our stock of EM Cameroon products after going through the price List of EM Cameroon Biological products presented in the table. Click on the Online Order Form link to place your orders. After completing your online orders, you shall be contacted directly by an EM Cameroon agent. You may also place your orders by calling us directly

Price Lists of EM Cameroon Biological Products and Services
Various EM Products Version Domain of Application Unit Price Per Litre or a Kg or per bag
EM Compost Solid All green crops from nursery to planting and even after planting 8000 FCFA
EM for Livestock and Environment Protection Liquid Put in animal drinking water to build their immune system and odour control 2000 FCFA
EM for Agriculture Liquid Works as foliar fertilizer 2000 FCFA
EM 5 Liquid For Pest and Disease Control 3000 FCFA
EM Bokashi Solid For fast compost production within a space of one month 500 FCFA
The price quotation depends on the financing source, place of delivery and taxes involve in the project.
NB: For any further details concerning the prices for the state or bigger institutions contact the Director of EM Cameroon via the phone or email. (Tel +237 675 658 148 or by email emcameroon@yahoo.fr)