EM for Mal Odor Control

Environment – EM Technology is used to cleanup – polluted waters including the cleanup of oil spills, the recycling of water from sewage facilities, odor and fly control in living rooms, kitchen, toilets, bathrooms in waste and compositing facilities and the recycling of organic waste into quality fertilizer.
Human Health – EM Beneficial living microorganisms, which help to replenish the human body with health microbes. EM can be used for cleaning in homes, body and hair cleaning, suppressing diseases such as fungi in the environment.

  • Mix 20ml or 4 corks of EM for Livestock and Environmental Protection in one liter of chlorine free water, 300ml or 3 tin tomato cups in 15 liters of water.
  • Spray the mixture where there is mal odor.
  • 300ml or 3 tin tomato cups into 15 liters of chlorine free water.
  • Pour it three times a week for two weeks, then two times a week on regular bases in case you get the small coming up.
  • Mix 300ml into 15 liters of chlorine free water for mobbing of floor and other cleaning.

  • Advantages of EM Technology for Environmtn (Soil / Humans / Surroundings)

  • Eliminates and reduces the problems of odor, putrefaction and decay.
  • Maintain a clean and fresh environment suitable for human, plants and animal habitation.
  • Treat polluted water and sewage and thus reduce the risk of infectious disease.
  • Protect the natural environment and ensures sustainability.

  • Download presentation files below for more details on the use and application of EM Products.


    EM For Agriculture Production


    EM For Environmental Protection


    EM in Livestock Production